Starting the Homeschooling Process

GlobeChoosing to homeschool your children is an important decision. It involves quite a lot of planning and preparation, so it is best to begin the process slowly while creating a relaxed learning environment. offers some starter tips:

Start by collecting resources you already own, or can borrow, buy, or access online. These include books, globes, calculators, measuring cups, rulers and tape measures, art supplies, and internet access. You may also have a computer table, small school chairs and other furniture that will enhance your child’s new learning environment.

Next, explore local community resources. Look into enrichment programs, teachers and organizations in your area, and don’t forget to take full advantage of your local library!

Make sure to organize your household and set up a schedule for daily chores. Have your children pitch in with cleaning tasks, and share other responsibilities with your spouse. Collect organizing tips and easy recipes to make your life easier, and always ask for help if you start to feel overwhelmed! An organized, relaxed household will enhance your children’s homeschool experience.

Last, start a record of your homeschooling experience. In some cases this is a requirement, but every parent can benefit from this in many ways. An organized record can help you keep track of your progress, plan future lessons, and even compare notes and insights with fellow homeschooling friends, local groups and online forums.

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