Why Home School?

Boeken_Kringloop_Woerden_02Many people hear the words home schooling and they assume that it includes a child sitting at home all day with his parents. While this is certainly one way to do home school, it’s not the only way. And home schooling isn’t only for unruly kids who can’t fit into the school system or for children who are outsiders or outliers.

Home schooling has become a booming area of interest for many, with more than 1 million kids educated at home today in America. There are many reasons that parents select to home school their children and to set up school furniture, classroom chairs and other items in their own homes rather than in the school environment.

There are many reasons that people home school. Some do so because they believe that students can have more intense learning when they are in a 1-1 environment. Some home school so that their child can accelerate in areas of interest and have less focus on areas that aren’t as interesting. Most parents who homeschool believe that their ability to focus on one or a few children allows for much more focused learning and much less need to deal with behavior issues and commotion that is common in a larger classroom.

In some situations, it isn’t even the parents who are in charge of their child’s education at home. It could be that a few families get together to home school their children. They create a learning environment at one home with computer tables, classroom tables and other necessary items and they hire a teacher to be in charge of the student learning.

Certainly, home schooling isn’t for every family or every child; it isn’t something to write off immediately, however, as there is much more to it than some people assume.

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