Month: November 2013

Advice for Homeschooling the Preschool Kid


On, there are many pieces of advice about homeschooling the preschool child. Here are a few of the ideas expressed in the article:

Don’t push the preschoolers to read too early. Let them come to it on their own time.

Let the entire home experience be part of the learning experience. Any activity in the house can be one that teaches. Have the children do the dishes with you; have them help you to clean. The more that they help around the house the more they will feel part of the process. Everything doesn’t have to be learned with the classroom furniture – there are many ways to teach through doing.

Encourage your child to use her imagination. Ask open-ended questions, model creative thinking, encourage experimentation, let your kids get messy. Use manipulatives like LEGO pieces and Cheeries.

Use music to teach. The more that students listen to music, sing and dance the more that they will increase their reading, math, control, balance and self-esteem.

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