Month: August 2013

Teaching Kids to Use a Compass

When you first start to teach your child to use a compass, they may find it awkward or difficult. Here is a brilliant way to start to teach compass use. Learn more here and enjoy other ideas for homeschoolers that can really make a difference in the teaching process.

The World is Your Classroom with Homeschooling

classroom together

As the new school year arrives parents are busy helping their children get ready for school. New clothing, pens, paper, school books, and much more are needed to get students up and running in preparation for the return to school. The excitement is palpable, but for many parents and their children who homeschool, there is a different mood. Since part of the theory behind homeschooling is that every moment of every day is an opportunity for learning, summer is not really a vacation, but just another time to learn about different subjects in a different setting.

The summer is a great time for homeschoolers to take a break from their more formal studies such as math, science or history, but it doesn’t mean they stop learning about science or math. On the contrary. A trip to the beach can easily turn into an informal lesson about marine life, or the discovery and exploration of the new world, or estimating the number of people who are at the beach. When parents homeschool their children, they have a homeschooling mindset, and everything becomes interesting and worthy of learning.

Parents who don’t homeschool, but have thought about it, can examine the many resources available to help them get started. It is not necessary to invest in school furniture, classroom chairs or classroom tables. A school desk, kitchen table, or even folding tables will do perfectly for the more formal aspects of homeschooling. But a trip to the beach, a hike in the mountains, or even a walk to the mailbox, is also a classroom for homeschoolers.

Getting Ready to Homeschool


Once you have made the decision to homeschool your child, there are a number of steps you must take to ensure adequate preparation.  First, you should set aside a room for the lessons – teaching should not be conducted in a regular area of the house as this can confuse the child.  It is important that the child’s “schooling” is undertaken in an area that is specifically set aside for this (preferably an entire room, but, if that is not possible, then at least an area).  Second, make sure you purchase proper school furniture (or something similar) for your child to use before the lessons begin.  Inevitably, since your child will be doing some of his or her work via the computer, they should have their own computer table as well as regular school desks.  Take a look at other classroom chairs and school furniture in general to see what you can purchase for your child and what will be appropriate for them at home in the room you have chosen as well.

Once the room is school-ready for your child and you have all the necessary school furniture, it is time to work on a syllabus. Find out what other parents have done when homeschooling (in these Internet-days it is much easier to do that research).  Finally, as a parent choosing to homeschool their child, it is imperative you work out ways to socialize your child as that is one area that can be quite challenging.

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