Month: February 2014

Writing It Down

writThere are so many ways to get your kids writing and enjoying the writing process. Here are a few of these magical ideas to get the creative juices flowing. These ideas come from a great website that is filled with homeschooling inspiration.

1. Make a comic book.
2. Create an ideas jar where you put strips of paper. Pull out one strip at a time and have students create a story from the idea. Or pull out two or three strips and challenge the kids to make a story that incorporates all of the ideas.
3. Design and write a blog.
4. Watch a movie and then write a movie review. Make sure to model it after movie reviews that you’ve read.
5. Write a haiku or a limerick.
6. Write a play and then perform it.

Writing Tips to Get the Mind Flowing

writing ideas One of the most fun activities to have with homeschooled children is to get them writing. There are hundreds of writing ideas and tips that can keep the ideas flowing and the fun expanding. Here are just a few of these ideas.

1. Newspapers: The newspaper is a great location for ideas. Have your kids look at the headlines and then write their own stories about what they think the headlines are reporting. Have them take a picture and write a story around that picture.

2. Script: Write and perform a script for a puppet show or a play.

3. Journaling: Give the kids 10 minutes each day to write in their journals. You can either say that you will collect these journals and look at them, or you may decide that this is free writing for the kids and that you won’t look at it.

These are just a few of the ways to get the kids glued to their classroom furnitureand enjoying the writing process during their day.

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