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Writing Tips to Get the Mind Flowing

writing ideas One of the most fun activities to have with homeschooled children is to get them writing. There are hundreds of writing ideas and tips that can keep the ideas flowing and the fun expanding. Here are just a few of these ideas.

1. Newspapers: The newspaper is a great location for ideas. Have your kids look at the headlines and then write their own stories about what they think the headlines are reporting. Have them take a picture and write a story around that picture.

2. Script: Write and perform a script for a puppet show or a play.

3. Journaling: Give the kids 10 minutes each day to write in their journals. You can either say that you will collect these journals and look at them, or you may decide that this is free writing for the kids and that you won’t look at it.

These are just a few of the ways to get the kids glued to their classroom furnitureand enjoying the writing process during their day.

The Homeschooling & Classroom Comparison Chart

homeschool-domination While the homeschooling debate rages at all times, it’s important to take a look at the facts. Many people who send their children to traditional school environments assume that the homeschoolers never sit at school desks and never have any traditional learning time. This is, of course, not true.

Take a look at this chart to see the comparison between home schooled children and their school-going counterparts. It’s fascinating to see how they do with their graduation rates, their test scores and more. Check it out and have the facts before forming an opinion about home schooling.

Why Do Some Parents Prefer Homeschooling?

usnavyContrary to popular belief, attending school is not a legal requirement in the U.S. All children must be educated, however. KidsHealth.org explains that “when parents believe their can give their children a better education- or have other reasons for not wanting to send their kids to a local school (religious instruction, for example)- they may choose homeschooling.”

A common misconception is that homeschooling is easier and less demanding than regular schooling. However, the opposite is often true. Though home-based education is less traditional, the material covered is the same as that in a regular classroom. Sometimes, the level of education is even higher, depending on the instructing parents or tutors. Homeschooling does tend to be more hands-on, with an increased number of field trips, science experiments and crafts. The environment often changes as well, ranging from a school desk at home to a creek or forest to a local library or museum.

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