Famous People Who Were Homeschooled

If you worry that your child might not gain success if they are homeschooled, you can feel reassured when you see this list. This list, from Homeschoolacademy.com shows many of the famous and admirable people in our history who were homeschooled.


·  Konrad Adenauer

·  Henry Fountain Ashurst

·  William Jennings Bryan

·  Winston Churchill

·  Henry Clay

·  Pierre du Pont

·  Benjamin Franklin

·  Alexander Hamilton

·  Patrick Henry

·  William Penn

·  Daniel Webster

Military Leaders

·  Alexander the Great  – Greek Ruler

·  John Barry – Senior Navy Officer

·  Stonewall Jackson – Civil War General

·  John Paul Jones – Father of the American Navy

·  Robert E. Lee – Civil War General

·  Douglas MacArthur – U.S. General

·  George Patton – U.S. General

·  Matthew Perry – naval officer who opened up trade with Japan

·  John Pershing – U.S. General

·  David Dixon Porter – Civil War Admiral

U.S. Supreme Court Judges

·  John Jay

·  John Marshall

·  John Rutledge

·  Sandra Day O’Connor


·  George Washington Carver

·  Pierre Curie

·  Albert Einstein

·  Michael Faraday – electrochemist

·  Oliver Heaviside – physicist and electromagnetism researcher

·  T.H. Huxley

·  Blaise Pascal

·  Booker T. Washington

·  Erik Demaine – Popular Science Mag: One of the Most Brilliant Scientists in America


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